Christmas in America

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""Name:  Crystal Rodrigues
Date of Birth:  10/23/93
Father’s Name:  Sal Rodrigues
Mother’s Name:  Florine Rodrigues
Native Place:  Belle Udupi
School: Crone Middle School, Naperville, Illinois

Hi, my name is Crystal.  I’m a grade 7 student at Crone Middle School, Naperville, Illinois.  I have great passion for music.  I have taken couple of years of voice lessons as well as piano lessons when I was in elementary school.  Now I?m in honor chorus in my school as well as I play violin in the school orchestra.  My hobbies are reading, playing basketball and swimming. I love to watch Indian Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Indian Idol T.V. programs.

Christmas in America

Outside houses and trees dressed up in colorful lights,
It is bright during the day and illuminated during night,
You see children playing outside in the sparkling snow,
With their faces aglow,
Christmas trees with beautiful ornaments and a star on top,
Wherever you go, even to shop,
There will always be Christmas carols playing non-stop,
When shop for the ones that you love,
To get to the shop itself you have to shove,
It is a nightmare to find a parking place,
Then go all the way to the shop and race,
But once inside you?ll be looking in surprise,
At the decorations in front of your eyes,
Big long bows and pictures around you,
You?ll be saying "what a wonderful view!"
And finally when done with all of that holiday shopping,
You have to cook without stopping,
When your friends and family finally come to celebrate the season,
You enjoy it all because Jesus was born this day and that’s the reason.
Merry Christmas To All!!!!


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