Congress Govt failed to maintain law and order in State – Mattar Rathnakar Hegde

Congress Govt failed to maintain law and order in State – Mattar Rathnakar Hegde

Udupi: The Congress government has failed miserably in tackling the law and order problems in the state said Mattar Rathnakar Hegde district president of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

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He was speaking at a protest held at the Clock Tower on Wednesday, October 19 by the district BJP to condemn the failure of the Congress-led state government.

The recent murder of RSS activist Rudresh in Bengaluru has shocked the people in the state. He was brutally hacked to death. Stating that the state government is “glorifying violence,” he said that the BJP and RSS activists here fear for their life. There is no security for the lives of the Sangh Pariwar members. The state government is indirectly sponsoring attacks on the BJP workers dismissing all charges on the Popular Front of India and the Karnataka Dignity Forum. Several BJP workers have been murdered across the state in the past few months. There is a political angle to the murders.

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The entire system has collapsed and murders of activists belonging to Hindu outfits are rising. The murder of Kuttappa and Prashant Poojary in Madikeri, Raju in Mysuru and Rudresh in Bengaluru have created fear among the people. The government has failed to trace the murderers accused in a few cases, he alleged.

Former Udupi MLA Raghupathi Bhat, Zilla panchayat president Dinakar Babu, vice president Sheela K Shetty, BJP leaders Uday Kumar Shetty, Shyamala Kundar, Gitanjali Suvarna, Yashpal Suvarna, Shreesha Nayak, Suprasad Shetty, Akshith Shetty Herga, Ranjith Salian, Shilpa Suvarna and others were present.

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