Did Anyone Notice? Bunch of Trees Cut for Road Expansion on Old Port Road/Bunder

Did Anyone Notice? Bunch of Trees Cut for Road Expansion on Old Port Road/Bunder

Mangaluru: I am totally confused about this TREE SAVING/TREES TRANSPLANTING, and on the other hand “TREE CHOPPING”? A few weeks ago a large Peepal Tree grown near Bunts Hostel Road was saved from the hands of tree cutters by Saffron activists and environmentalist since the tree was sacred and need to be saved. So this said tree was transplanted a few yards away at a cost of Rs 3 lakhs plus in front of Sujir C V Nayak Hall, and it is surviving since the taxi drivers who park their cars near to this tree, water it daily, if not it would have been dead, like a bunch of other transplanted trees in the city, which have dried up. A peepal tree has been saved in front of Infosys, even though the road had to be divided due to this tree. Name and values of trees matters, I guess!

While a few trees are saved in the city depending on their identity, many others are chopped down either for road development or the trees are blocking the view. So why all this discrimination against the innocent trees. A few weeks ago, a bunch of trees were felled opposite to Kadri Market, to give way for an MCC project that is coming up in that area. A couple of days ago, while passing by I noticed a huge tree in front of “Marian Promenade apartments” on Kadri Kambala Road was chopped down, leaving behind only the little bottom part of the tree.

Now we are seeing a bunch of trees being chopped down to make way for the road expansion on Old Port Road, Bunder, in front of Hotel Taj Gateway Manjarun. Now that these trees have been cut, the only question to ask is ” Whether permission was granted by the Forest Department or concerned authorities to chop down the trees?” Someone has to check into this, probably the hardcore environmentalists in the City. It is too confusing to note that a bunch of trees are cut now and then, and in the meantime, one or two trees are saved through transplanting. Doesn’t make any sense to me. How about you?

In conclusion in my perspective, why is that some trees are saved depending on their nature and names, while other trees are cut no matter what the circumstances are. That is TOTAL DISCRIMINATION against trees? Transplanting trees in certain cases, and chopping it down in other cases. Total nonsense, and doesn’t make any sense. Trees need to be shifted no matter what, either they got uprooted by weather or they are obstructing a development project. I have said it in the past and will say it again.

“In the case of an age-old tree or a religious importance tree, we don’t allow a tree to be axed or to die, but how many of us would come forward to spend tax-payers money to help homeless or destitute sick who is about to die on the road. Seems like human life is not important for our administration. How about taking care of starving stray dogs, who lose their lives due to starvation- does anyone care about it. Seems like the lives of animals are not our concern. I guess ONLY TREES at the moment? May all the trees chopped down on Old Port Road, RIP?