Divya and Sneha Present Bharatanatyam

Divya and Sneha Present Bharatanatyam

UAE: A duet Bharatanatyam dance performance was showcased at the Gems Wellington Primary school, Dubai recently. The performance was a part of the concept Prathama Padam, conceived by Guru Rohini Ananth.


Prathama-Paadam-Divya-Ramganesh-Sneha-Satyan Prathama-Paadam-Divya-Ramganesh-Sneha-Satyan-001

Divya Ramganesh, biotechnologist by profession and Sneha Satyan, an Architect by profession took their first step in dance and rendered a duet performance. Both are mentored under Nritya Ratna Rohini Ananth, who is a performer, and guru par excellence.

The evening began with a traditional Pushpanjali followed by Ganesha Stuthi. The Chakravaka Jatiswaram reflected their expertise over Nritta. The emotion of Vatsalya was rendered beautifully through a devaranama Drishti Taakitoranga. The main item of the recital was a Padam on Lord Shiva. The Navaras that these 2 dancers exhibited enthralled the audience. The second half showcased a Javali depicting the Vasakasajja Nayika by Sneha Satyan, Aduvum Solluvaal by Divya and culminated with a Thillana.

Prathama-Paadam-Divya-Ramganesh-Sneha-Satyan-002 Prathama-Paadam-Divya-Ramganesh-Sneha-Satyan-003 Prathama-Paadam-Divya-Ramganesh-Sneha-Satyan-05062016 (2) Prathama-Paadam-Divya-Ramganesh-Sneha-Satyan-05062016 (3)

Guru Vidushi Rohini Ananth on the Natuvangam, Vidushi Madhavi Prasad on Vocal, Master Dhanush on the Mridangam, Master Muralikrishna Rajesh on Violin and Vidwan Rajesh Raghavan on the flute rendered excellent support to the dancers.

The Chief guests of the evening Vidushi Roopa Prabhukrishna and Samia Abdul Moniem Mohammed applauded the team for the efforts taken and for the excellent performance. The evening was well hosted by Tanvi Sudar Kanchan and the support of the Classical Rhythms team was commendable.

Prathama-Paadam-Divya-Ramganesh-Sneha-Satyan-05062016 (4) Prathama-Paadam-Divya-Ramganesh-Sneha-Satyan-05062016 (10) Prathama-Paadam-Divya-Ramganesh-Sneha-Satyan-05062016 (11)



Over all, it was a wonderful evening of topnotch dance performance which rendered the spectators in a musing mood over the weekend.

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