Fervour and Gaiety marks Nagara Panchami in Temple City

Fervour and Gaiety marks Nagara Panchami in Temple City

Udupi: ‘Nagara Panchami,’ the first festival of the Shravana month was celebrated with great fervour and sanctity on Sunday, August 7 across the district. Special offerings and prayers were held at almost every Nagabana and temples in and around Udupi region and accordingly Nagaraja, the snake god was offered turmeric, flowers and milk in abundance.


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Devotees thronged to various temples and snake pits to worship the Serpent God. There was a long queue of devotees at various temples across the district to offer Puja to the idols of Naga and seek blessings for the well-being of the family. The devotees offered milk, tender coconut, honey, turmeric and flowers to the idols of Naga.

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Shravana month is said to be the month of festivals as there lies a lining of festivals to be celebrated ahead. Starting with the Nagara Panchami, the month has Mahalakshmi Vratha, Raksha Bandhan, Gauri-Ganesh festival and other festivals.

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