Gerard Butler almost got shot on ‘London Has Fallen’ set

New Delhi, March 4 (IANS) Actor Gerard Butler, whose film “London Has Fallen” released in India on Friday, has revealed that while on the set, he almost got shot.

“I actually almost got shot in the face this one day at shoot, by a blank. It was a mistake as he was supposed to be firing at the dummy and when we turned he still had an extra bullet in his gun and he fired right past me. It was like a blast and a punch in the face but thank god, I was fine,” Butler said in a statement.

The movie, a sequel to the 2013-release “Olympus Has Fallen”, centres on an attack on London during the funeral of the British prime minister, who dies under mysterious circumstances.

Butler reprised his role as an ultra-resourceful US Secret Service agent.

The film is distributed pan-India by Panorama Studios and Niche Film Farm.

“London Has Fallen”, which also stars Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman in pivotal roles, is directed by Babak Najafi.

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