Honest Rickshaw Driver Returns Valuables to Owner

Honest Rickshaw Driver Returns Valuables to Owner

Bantwal: Reports of honesty being displayed by some persons assure the public that such a virtue still exists in our society.

A couple had to go from Kalladka to a hospital in Mangaluru earlier this week. They asked Haneef, a rickshaw driver from there to take them. Although he had a rural operation permit, keeping the emergency in mind, he dropped them in Mangaluru and returned.

On the way back, he came across a case of a bike mishap, in which an injured woman, the wife of Lokanath from Ira Parappu, needed to be rushed to a hospital. He completed that mission also.

As he reached home, he noticed that the couple who he had helped in the earlier case had left behind a vanity bag containing Rs 1 lakh in cash, gold ornaments and valuable records.

Based on the records, Haneef contacted the owners and asked them to collect the bag from him in Kalladka. When they arrived, he handed it over to them intact. His integrity was appreciated by th owner and other citizens.

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