Hyderabad student shot dead by unidentified men in US

Hyderabad: A 23-year-old student from here was today shot dead allegedly by unidentified men in the United States, the victim’s relatives said.

Four rounds were fired at Sai Kiran around 12.15 pm today after he refused to give his mobile phone which was demanded by the assailants, his uncle Shravan Kumar said.

“We received information from his friends that some people demanded his phone on which he was already talking. His friend on the other end of the call heard four rounds of gun shots being fired. We are awaiting more details,” Kumar told PTI.

The incident happened near Sai Kiran’s residence in Florida, he said, adding that he had gone to the States one-and-a-half-month ago.

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  1. Legal Drugs and Poverty lead to robberies and killings in the USA generally,
    and shootouts and killings occur almost every day in some town or suburb in
    the USA.

    Guns are a fundamental right to own to defend themselves, that sadly
    is the number one killing machine in the USA, be it in the hands of a
    student in a school shoot out or in the hands of a buzzed citizen, and
    a lot of controversy exists on this subject.

    One must be extra careful not to loiter on the streets in USA, as the
    streets are often walked only by the poor who do not own a car or
    a tourist or new students in the USA.

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