Jabbed by Kambala Buffalo’s Horn, Irvattur Resident Dies

Karkala: The horns of buffaloes bred for Kambala are long and sharp.

They make them look more ferocious. Hence the buffaloes are tended only by experienced caretakers.


A caretaker who took the familiar attitude of a Kambala buffalo of his employer towards him for granted, unfortunately, met a gory end earlier this week.

Ramananda, a resident of Renjala, who was tending the buffaloes belonging to Ratna Poojarti of Irvarttur near here, had just let it off the rope to lead it to the shed.

With vigorous movement of its body and head, one of its horns poked him very deep. He was rushed to a hospital in a severely injured condition.

He is said to have died on the way. A case has been registered in the rural police station.

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