Mangaluru: Facebook Love and Marriage Leads to Dowry Demand and Police Case

Mangaluru: A young woman (name withheld) has filed a complaint at the Kavoor police station against Anand Devadiga for demanding a dowry of Rs 3 lakh after getting married to her in a temple.

They had fallen in love through Facebook about five years ago and had remained regularly in contact. On Oct 29, they reportedly got married in a temple. He had promised to take her to his house after a dinner get-together on Nov 29.

Instead, he called her to the Kadri park on Nov 24. When she arrived, he is said to have put a condition that she should pay him Rs 3 lakh, otherwise could not join his family. He is also said to have threatened that if she complained to the police, the lives of hers and her family members would not be spared.

The Kavoor police have registered a case against him.

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  1. dear Facebook couples pls ask Dowry from Facebook only as Facebook stands in the place of father and father in low why police station for this.

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