Mangaluru: Malaysian Medical Student Loses Rs 1.18 Lakh in Debit Card Cloning Fraud

Mangaluru: Reports are being heard about people getting tricked into revealing their ATM card details, with the help of which conmen get money fraudulently. But here is a strange case that has taken place without disclosing any data.

Mohammed Taufeeq, a medical student from Malaysia currently studying in a college in the city, maintains a debit card issued by the ICICI Bank in Hampankatta in the city.

All of a sudden, on the night between Thursday and Friday, he began getting SMS alerts advising him of amounts being debited to his account. By second day, the total amount debited was Rs 1,18,846 by way of purchases made abroad.

On enquiries with the bank, he was told that miscreants had transferred the amounts through online deals through the Internet. It is suspected that his debit card may have been cloned.


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