Mangaluru: White is Beautiful! Rare Python Captured in Kuppepadavu, Tended in Pilikula

Mangaluru: A rare kind of a white python was found in a forest near Kuppepadavu by some residents last week.

They informed the Pilikula zoo authorities. who had it shifted to the zoo. Wildlife director H Jayaprakash Bhandary says that very rarely such pythons are found.


The six-foot creature appears to be healthy. Its age has been estimated at 2 years. The normal life-span of a python could stretch up to 25 years, he said.

He further said that the white appearance was caused by the ‘leucism’ syndrome, which causes the reptile to lose their skin pigment.

He added that it has been kept under quarantine to enable it to condition itself to the zoo atmosphere. Until then, it may not be available for public viewing.

Pilikula Exclusive:

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