Mangaluru: Woman from Barebail Offered Lift to Kavoor, Robbed of Ornaments

Mangaluru: Chain-snatchers use different modes and methods to rob gullible persons, especially women, to relieve them of their ornaments. In most cases it is by asking for way to certain places or location of someone’s residence.

Using a different method a Tempo driver and cleaner robbed Prema, a resident of Barebail, who was on her way from home towards Shantinagar in Kavoor. The vehicle arrived from behind and stopped near her. The driver and cleaner asked her where she wanted to go. When she said Kavoor, they replied that they too were on their way to the same place.

Assuming that they were offering a lift with good intentions on a rainy day, she boarded the vehicle. She was taken to Kuntikana and then to Kavoor.

But they did not stop there on the pretext of dropping the cleaner first. The vehicle proceeded towards the airport through Marakada and Maravoor bridge and finally to Shantigudde in Porkodi, where the duo stopped the vehicle. Prema was asked give Rs 20 to the cleaner.

As she opened her purse, they snatched two chains – one of gold and another of corals – of total value Rs 36,000. When she was asked to get down, she refused to do so, but finally had to when they threatened to kill her.

With others’ help, she arrived at Kadri police station to file a complaint. The police have repeated their caution to women not to wear expensive ornaments when walking alone and also not to accept offers of lift from unknown persons.

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