Maravoor Drowning Victims Still Untraced

Maravoor Drowning Victims Still Untraced

Mangaluru: Jaison (24) and Avinash (26), both accused in the murder of Bijai Raja, had accidentally drowned in river Phalguni at Maravoor on Tuesday and had gone missing since.

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Search operations with the fire brigade and diving experts were put in motion the soon after and they continued until late Wednesday evening. But there was no success. The duo is feared to have died.

Because of flooding in the river and the resultant force of the flow, they might have been dragged towards the sea, according to diving experts.

Jaison and Avinash were accused in the murder of Raja that took place on Falnir road on December 1, 2012 and had recently come out on bail. The case is being heard in a court in the city.

A complaint has been filed in the Bajpe police station by their companions who were with them at the time of the tragedy.

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