Meat found outside Nagabana at Bhatkal

Meat found outside Nagabana at Bhatkal

Bhatkal: Miscreants threw beef near Nagabana at Kokthinagar Uttar Kannada, here on July 17.

bovine-meat-17072016 (1) bovine-meat-17072016 (2)

Some anti-social elements, aiming to disturb peace and harmony in the society, had thrown bovine meat in front of the Nagabana.

As soon as the news spread, Hindu organizations condemned the act. The Bhatkal police reached the spot and recovered the meat from the spot.

Earlier, bovine meat was found outside a temple in Havaman Nagar.

The police are investigating the case.


  1. Reaping political benefits by intensifying communal polarization is the only tactical of BJP which fooled voters promising ‘Acche Din’.
    In this case BJP and Sangh parivar is the first to protest to create animity between the society.

    In earlier event Saffron extremists desecrated temple to trigger riots in Hyderabad,Gujarat and in many places in the Karnataka.

    How does Bajrang Dal missed this sack of meat, whereas it keep audit of each truck carrying cows?

    Jai Hind

  2. Clearly, this is done by some character trying to stir up communal clashes in the area. This seems to be the second incident in the area. One can easily guess the people behind such attacks in Bhatkala area. Remember, it is known for peace. I don’t feel bad for this hindu temple or nagabana. I feel sad for the animal that was slaughtered only to create this trouble.

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