Mom’s tribute to her Angel


Melissa, our elder daughter, sister of Melina, was born on 12th January 1998 in Mangalore. She was a jewel of the Mangalorean community in Muscat with extraordinary talents in singing, dancing and many other cultural activities, apart from being brilliant at school. She led an exemplary and devotional life with complete dedication to the Heavenly Father. She never allowed anger, hatred, jealously to step into her nature rather she was a child filled with joy, peace, love, kindness and compassion. Her sudden and unexpected death on 14th October 2007 near Izki (a place near Nizwa, Oman) was a great shock to everyone who knew her and especially to us parents and family members.

As experienced by us, in just two days time from the time of Melissa’s death, we have had a great transformation from turmoil to tranquility of peace. Tears of anguish into joy of acceptance of Gods will. Tempest of fear and loss into an agreement with God’s unceasing love and plans for each human being. These experiences have been narrated by us to many of our friends in Muscat. In other words, we had acquired tremendous courage inspired by an unseen but divine power to bear the shock and despair and to move into a new and cheerful life.

I hereby, bring an inspiring poem, straight from my heart, exhibiting the enormous power of divinity. In this poem I have translated my sorrows into an exemplary life.

–Nirmala Goveas


Mom’s tribute to her Angel

Glimpses of giggling life of nine
Gild of glory, humble smile to shine
Paramount of happiness always divine
Melissa, the euphony of joyful sign

Stunned with shock for two days
Third day transformed all our ways
Holy Spirit’s blessings, heaven’s pray
Accepting His will without a ?nay’

Absent in Body but present in Soul
Biblical verses truly inspiring all
Experiencing divine grace in our days
To witness God’s love in all our ways.

Watchful on earth from heavenly throne
Blessings numerous have already flown
Sure to pour Lord’s spirit on many
To lead a life in preparing for the final journey.

I pray today "Live Long Melissa…
Dwell in our hearts eternally Melissa?..
Bring us near to Lord, Melissa?..
Make us like you now and always Melissa"

Author: Nirmala Goveas- Oman