My Taj


""Name: Shawn D’Souza
Father: Stany D’Souza
Mother: Vissia D’Souza
Date of Birth : November 26, 1993
School: 7th Grade, Woodland Middle School, Libertyville, IL., USA
Sister: Shannon D’Souza (9 yrs old)
Residence: Chicago, USA

Shawn loves to play Chess, Soccer and he is a sports enthusiast. A true fan of Chicago Bears, Cubs and Bulls.  He is also a comedian in the family who makes everyone laugh!

My most amazing School Project:


On October 15, 2005 I was told by my teacher Ms. Lampert that I was going to be assigned a project about ancient times. We had to choose between a variety of ancient civilizations such as ancient Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, China, Egypt, and India. It wasn’t really difficult to choose which civilization, knowing that my routes came from India. I thought it was going to be an easy A. I was wrong, it turned out that hardest civilization to do was India. Everybody in my class had so many resources, I had about 3-5. When it seemed that it was almost over we had to do the most time consuming project of them all, the model. Since the most well known and most documented structure was the Taj Mahal it seemed ideal, but it was very hard to make. I tried to find different ones in the school library (we had to get some notes on my model before I left) but none were there, so I was stuck with the Taj Mahal.


My paper for my model was easy but now came the tough part making the model. At first it felt overwhelming but after some time of carving, planning, and painting it didn’t seem so bad. This project would have been very hard but with the help from my mom and dad and sister it became easier and very rewarding. Each piece in this model was hand carved, designed and shaped using styrofoam. It came down right to the last minute. That day when I took it to school, my classmates and teachers were amazed. Everyone wanted to touch and feel my masterpiece. Ms. Oberg, my math teacher came to visit us in the class as she had seen me carry the Taj Mahal to my class room.  When I had to give my oral presentation I had to do it in the dark because there was a little light in it and every body wanted to see it in the dark. All my hard work was paid off when I received soo many compliments over and over.