Now Theft, among All Places, in Vidhana Soudha – Records Taken away

Now Theft, among All Places, in Vidhana Soudha – Records Taken away

Bengaluru: Theft in petty shops, banks or establishments is regular news. But now it has gone up to the top level – the seat of power in Karnataka, the Vidhana Soudha.

The lock of room 159 of the administrative section of the secretariat of the state legislative council was found broken on Sunday, which was a holiday for all offices in the premises.


Some confidential records are feared to have been taken away. With an in-house police station around and high-grade security in place, how a theft of this kind could take place has puzzled everyone.

The fact that only a certain office has been targeted supports the suspicion about the possible involvement of insiders and that some vested interests had a hand behind it.

Legislative council undersecretary K C Prabhu confirmed that his chamber had been broken into and important records had been taken away. He was not in a position to inform which files were missing nor could he make a guess about the persons involved, he said.

Secretariat employees association general secretary Puttaswamy said that the theft had taken place on Sunday so that no one would notice. He had filed a complaint with the Vidhana Soudha police station.

Some employees fear that the act of the vested interests was also an attempt to bring a bad name to the employees.

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