Party Workers will make Siddaramaiah-free Congress – Poojary

Party Workers will make Siddaramaiah-free Congress – Poojary

Mangaluru: Senior Congress leader B Janardhan Poojary held a press meet at the District Congress office here, on June 3.

Addressing the mediapersons, Poojary said that on June 2, more than 6.5 lakh government employees had protested by not attending work. “The Chief Minister should have fulfilled their demands by inviting them for discussion. The 7th Pay Commission’s recommendation has come but in Karnataka, even the 6th Pay Commission’s recommendations have not been implemented by the government.”

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Poojary further said that the Chief Minister should have invited the leaders of the Karnataka government employees association and discussed the salary hike, but he chose not to. “Yesterday government employees protested. Tomorrow the police will protest. This shows that the government has failed to solve the problems of the government employees as well as the police.

Poojary further said that in Karnataka, the police personnel gets 50% less salary than their counterparts in Kerala. “In Kerala, women police even get more salary as they appoint caretakers to look after their children at home and the government takes responsibility by paying additional salary for the caretakers. Our chief minister has threatened the police personnel that they would be punished if they go on strike. Is Karnataka under some sort of martial law? Is this a Hitler government?” Poojary questioned.

Warning the chief minister of consequences for his actions, Poojary said, “If the chief minister continues to behave like this, the people of Karnataka will decide your future in the next elections. Siddaramaiah joined the Congress party only 7 years ago, while Congress workers built the party and worked for the independence of our country. The Congress party workers are not fools; they are also watching you. Are you planning to make a Congress-free Karnataka too? Modi always says that he will make a Congress-free country. What is the difference between Modi and you? It will not be possible for you to make a Congress-free Karnataka but the Congress party workers and the people of the state will and can make a Siddaramaiah-free Congress and Karnataka. You carry the responsibility to strengthen the party. Is this the way to strengthen the party?”

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  1. Jannanna is having fun giving daily press releases!!! He reminds me of bhasmaasura. He is running out of political targets and turning onto his own party leaders. Give him enough time, he will start attacking Sonia and raahul. LOL LOL LOL

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