Rajasthani Gang Including Woman Plotting to Rob Arrested

Rajasthani Gang Including Woman Plotting to Rob Arrested

Udupi: A gang from Rajasthan, including a woman, has been arrested by the town police on Monday.

This group of five was found standing near an Indica car and engaged in discussions in a suspicious manner at the cross leading to Kakkunje on Manipal-Perampalli road in the early hours around 3-30 am.

A resident in the neighbourhood alerted the town police. They arrested three of them while two escaped. During interrogation, the arrested ones confessed to their plan to waylay pedestrians and rob them. All of them hail from Rajasthan.

They had drafted a woman into their gang so no one would suspect their motives. Their modus operandi was to stand unarmed with the woman to appear normal. Equipment and other materials like a screwdriver, hacksaw blade, a spade, a flashlight, mobile phone, chilli powder, hand-gloves, and Rs 2,000 in cash.

The names of the arrested are Premlal Jat, Durga aka Divya and Suresh Chowdhary. Those who managed to escape during the operation are Nathuram and Om Prakash.

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