Rename old Clock Tower Circle after KN Tailor – Yogish Shetty, TRV

By Savney Monteiro, Pics by JP, Team Mangalorean

Mangaluru: Tulunadu Rakshana Vedike (TRV) staged a protest near the old Clock tower circle opposite to the Town Hall here, on March 16.

Founder President of TRV, Yogish Shetty Jeppu said, “Tulu is an old language which we are proud of as it has brought a lot of pride to the nation. Various artistes have helped to preserve the culture of Tulunadu and Late KN Tailor is one amongst them.”

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He said that KN Tailor had worked hard for the Tulu art theatre when it was difficult to work in the theatre due to lack of modern technology. KN Tailor was conferred with the title of ‘Bheeshma’ of Tulunadu by his fanfare. “On March 18, we are celebrating the first death anniversary of this great personality, but it is really sad that the government has not yet given the necessary recognition to the family of KN Tailor. TRV has regularly asked the government to erect a memorial in his name, but the government has not yet given us any attention. The government has denied justice to Tulu theatre and the father of Tulu cinema,” he said.

“We want the government to act soon and declare this circle as ‘Late KN Tailor Circle’ and honour him. This circle should serve as a reminder to the future generation and make KN Tailor’s name immortal,” he added.

Tulu theatre artist Sitaram Shetty and Ramesh Madoor also spoke.

Tailor has produced, acted and directed more than 10 Tulu movies and was the script writer for about 20 movies. He had produced ‘Dareda Budedi’ in 1971 and was the first to take his Ganesh Nataka Sabha to various places within and outside Karnataka.


  1. Why not name it ORIGINAL R. PAI ‘sarcal’?

    After all, he became a Proj Mgr in El Dorado at JUST age 28! With JUST an a certificate course from NIIT! 🙂

    BTW, Rampa…. we have this horse called ‘Shakthiman’. Tonight, Arnaba Gooooswami asked us all to ‘pray’ for him and his blessed leg – coz, some Lotus loving fella took it upon himself to thrash the bejesus outta ShakthiMAANA.

    Sambitha Pathraaaa and G Rao (of the BJP) have expressed their croc tears. I’m ALMOST in tears at their torrential outburst! AND never mind the fact that Summer is just peaking-around in M’lore.

    Well, since you know all, do I pop in some Voltaren? Or do I need something more potent?

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