Rio Olympics security not stepped up after Paris attacks

Rto de Janeiro, Nov 20 (IANS) Top security official of Rio de Janeiro’s state government has said they have not intensified Rio Olympics’ security plan after the coordinated terror attacks in Paris.

Jose Mariano Beltrame, Rio’s state security secretary, said on Thursday it would be up to the federal government to make a change of plans in response to a threat, but so far no intensifications has been requested, reports Xinhua.

“Nothing has changed. We have received no request or information from Brasilia that would make us alter what is already planned,” said Beltrame.

According to the Brazil’s secretary for extraordinary events, Andrei Rodrigues, the security budget of 930 million reals ($243.5 million) was not changed, but the country will strengthen international cooperation to handle the security of the Olympics.

Some 85,000 agents will participate in the Olympics’ security forces, among policemen and armed forces soldiers.

Brazil has never been the site of terrorist attacks, and is not regarded as a primary target for the terror group Islamic State (IS).

However, the fact that Rio will host the Olympic Games made the country a more possible target, as the Games has been targeted by terrorist groups in the past.

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