Six Youth Caught Smoking Ganja in City

Six Youth Caught Smoking Ganja in City

Mangaluru: The Bunder police have arrested six people while Smoking Ganja, near Rao and Rao circle here on August 6.

The arrested have been identified as Mithun Krishna (24), Mubarak (19), Yadukrishna (21), Obaid (20), Mohammed Shafwaq Khan (19) and Mustafa (22), all from Mangaluru.

According to police, on August 6, all the six accused were smoking Ganja near Rao and Rao circle. The Bunder police raided the place and took all six of them into their custody. The investigation is on to find out the source of supplying ganja.

The Bunder police have registered a case under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS).

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  1. o….six jobless youth were getting high smoking ganja. What’s wrong with it? Police should focus on more important things. You can stand anywhere in mangaluru city and find 10 illegal things within 10 mins. Police ignore all those things and focus on these victim less crime?

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