Son Dumps Aged Mother in Sullia Bus-stand and Vanishes

Son Dumps Aged Mother in Sullia Bus-stand and Vanishes

Sullia: Lakshmi, the aged wife of Annayya Gowda of neigbouring Ajjavara village, was found abandoned by her own son in the bus-stand here on Wednesday.


She was found sitting in a distraught state near the youth federation hall by the members by the Benaka Arts and Sports Association.

They consoled and counselled her and arranged to have her admitted to a counselling centre.

Inquires revealed that she has three sons.Under the lands reform laws, the family had received a three-acre agricultural land. They had grown arecanut trees in it and their economic condition had considerably improved.

The eldest son has bought a separate land and has settled there. The youngest son has built an independent house in Muliya, but is currently in judicial custody in connection with a case.

The daughters-in-law in the main house are said to have deprived her of food and thrown her out of the house, she has alleged.

When Puttur subdivision’s revenue assistant commissioner visited Sullia on Thursday and heard her story, she instructed that she be admitted to the counselling centre for the time being.

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