Still feel like a newcomer: Urvashi Sharma

Still feel like a newcomer: Urvashi Sharma

Mumbai, June 26 (IANS) Actress Urvashi Sharma, who made her small screen debut with the new TV series “Ek Maa Jo Laakhon Ke Liye Bani Amma”, says she feels like a newcomer.

“It feels great to be on the sets. I have the same kind of feeling which I had when I shot for ‘Naqaab’ (Bollywood film that released in 2007). I hardly sleep. I eagerly wait for the next day to shoot so that I can be on the sets. I still feel like a newcomer,” Urvashi told IANS.

The finite series captures the journey of Zeenat, a mother of two, deserted by her husband and her rise to a position of power.

She said: “The character is very strong and the script is very gripping. All the characters have important roles and it’s a finite series, so it will end soon.”

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