Thieves Carry away Safety Locker

Thieves Carry away Safety Locker from Shivalli House!

Udupi: Reports of theft are often being heard wherein steel cupboard, wardrobes and lockers are being broken and valuables taken away.

Thieves who broke into a house belonging to Amit Bhandary near nagabana in Gundibail-Kalsanka in Shivalli village appear to have decided not to break the locker open when they found one inside.

The breakage would have entailed long working hours there and also involved a risk by alerting the neighbourhood by means of the noise created.

Instead they seem to have decided to carry the whole locker away so that they could ‘work’ on it at a safe place, unnoticed and at leisure.

Bhandary lives in Mumbai and visits Udupi once a month or so. In his absence, Raju Sherigar, takes care of the house. Earlier this week, he found that the house had been broken into. He informed Bhandary who soon arrived in Udupi.

When he came and checked, the locker valued at Rs 13,000 was found taken away. The details of the contents were not immediately available.

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