Tumakuru: Women’s Diversification Venture – Jack of All Fruits Now Squeezed into Noodle Form

Tumakuru: What if Maggi is banned? One can always trust Indians, quite resourceful as they are, to come out with creative ideas and conjure up alternatives or replacements.

Jackfruit, from the genus of Artocarpus in the binomial nomenclature, and called halasu, pelakkai, ponnos, chakka and likewise in different languages – is grown in many parts of the western coast, besides other parts of India and other countries.

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But this fruit does not seem to have received the exposure and attention all these years and as a result a large portion of the produce was allowed to rot. Its utility aspects and taste variations by way of by-products have also been in neglect.

Yet, the good news is that, in recent times, efforts are being made to popularize this fruit by presenting it in the form of an assortment of processed and packed, ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook products.

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Besides chips, jam, preserve and other products, the latest to catch the imagination of the eating public is the noodle format. Members of Hallisiri – literally meaning ‘village wealth’ in Kannada – a women’s organization in Tovinakere in Tumakuru district, have come up with this idea. The very name indeed suggests a wealth of imagination.

Encouraged by the public response, the venturesome women tried making different types of noodles, semia, murukku and chakkuli from raw, jackfruit-incorporated batter.

They have tasted success all right. But there is always room for improvement. Now they are eagerly looking forward to getting themselves trained by any Krishi Vijnana Kendra (KVK) or university or food processing experts in the production and marketing of these delicacies in future.

Padmaraju, a farmer, journalist and social activist, is helping the team to take this activity further. Anyone interested in sharing or imparting training an contact him on +91 99453 23787 or by e-mailing him at padmarajuhj@gmail.com for any further details, giving the reference of this website.

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