Two Friends Drown while Bathing in River Netravati at Barimar

Bantwal: Satish (22) and Jagadish (23), two close friends from Budoli drowned in river Netravati at Jarkila Kagekana in Barimar village on Thursday evening, while they had gone to bathe.

A group of five friends had arrived to attend a fair in Sadikukku and then gone to the river bank on their way back home.

Satish and Jagadish got into the river, while the other three sat on the bank. Unawere of the depth of the river, the duo drowned in the river. Search operation by the rural police and the fire service from Bantwal did not succeed in tracing them.

Expert divers Sadiq, Muhammed, Shamseer, Hafiz, Haris and Faris from Panemangaluru joined hands in the operation.

The police said that the operation would continue on Friday.

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