When cancer made Elle Macpherson ‘stressful’

Los Angeles, Oct 5 (IANS) Supermodel Elle Macpherson has opened up about the “stress” she went through when she felt she had cancer.

The 51-year-old had realised there was a lump in her breast, on her 49th birthday. She knew it was a “big warning” to pay more attention to her health, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

Macpherson revealed to the Mail on Sunday newspaper: “I thought I had cancer. I was away shooting ‘Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model’, so I couldn’t see my doctor and I was really panicking.

“It was four weeks before I got the biopsy results, so it was a long, drawn-out and stressful period of not knowing.”

However, she said that she is lucky enough that it was not cancer.

“I was lucky – it was a fibroadenoma (a benign growth), but it was a really big warning. I did some soul searching and realised that maybe I was taking the wrong vitamins and minerals, not eating properly and was too stressed,” she said.

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