Woman Declared ‘Dead’ Found Alive

Woman Declared ‘Dead’ Found Alive before Final Rites

Mysuru: In a bizarre incident here, a woman presumed to have died came alive just when preparations were being made for her final rites.


Padmabai Loda (59), wife of Mahendra Kumar Loda, a resident of Rajasthan origin in Basaveshwara road, suffered from high blood pressure on Sunday. Her husband got her admitted to a private hospital on Narayana Shastri Road in Laxmipuram.

She was kept in the ICU and was on ventilator. The doctors reportedly called the family members on Monday and told them that all her limbs and organs were out of function and that she would die if the ventilator was removed.

With their approval, she was taken off the ventilator. As she showed no movements at all, she was pronounced dead by the doctors. The family members inserted an obituary in a paper requesting community members to attend the ‘funeral’ on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, however, as preparations were being made for the final rites, Padmabai was found breathing and opening her eyes. Partly horrified and partly surprised, they took her to another hospital where she is being treated in the ICU.

The family members, while being happy about her new lease of life, also expressed their outrage against the staff of the earlier hospital.

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