French football league chief leaves office after 14 years

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Paris, April 16 (IANS) The president of the French Professional Football League (LFP), Frederic Thiriez has said that he will be leaving office immediately after occupying the position for the past 14 years.

Thiriez’s departure was expected because he had announced he would not run again in the elections scheduled in September, but his announcement on Friday, with immediate effect, has surprised observers, reports Efe.

Thiriez said before the General Assembly of the LFP that he has already carried out the two reforms he had promised to finish in the final part of his mandate, the reform of the statutes of the organisation and the nomination of a new CEO.

Both go together, since the new decrees will give the CEO executive power, while the president will occupy an honorary position.

The LFP has appointed Didier Quillot as CEO to take over the reins of the organisation.

Thiriez, who became president in 2002, leaves office with some achievements to his credit, such as having revalued broadcasting rights, from 275 million euros ($310 million) in 2000 up to 748.5 million ($844.4 million) by 2014.

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