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Kuwait: The seeds of talent in children are usually planted early and at home.

Slenzitta D’Cruz, daughter of popular Konkani stage artistes Ophelia and Quixote hailing from Cansaulim-Goa, is one such talented child – born and brought up in Bahrain – and walking in the footsteps of her parents.

The girl has shown remarkable flair in singing and acting.

From a young age since her schooling days, Slenzita has participated in Konkani programs.

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Slenzitta’s singing style and glamour in cultural programs caught the attention of Bahrain directors, and eventually, she found her way in almost every drama staged in Bahrain.

She sings both classic and comic songs in a style that hypnotizes the audience.

The gifted youngster was felicitated by CRAB International of Bahrain as the Upcoming Star of Konkani stage in 2014.

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Gifted with charming looks as well, Slenzitta was crowned the prestigious Young Goans Club May Queen at the Bahrain club’s annual ball beauty contest in 2017.

At a young age, Slenzitta has travelled to Kuwait, Qatar, etc, to sing in dramas and mega-events, and is highly appreciated for her performances.

Slenzitta’s high-point in her short spell was winning the second place at the gigantic Gulf Voice of Goa held in Kuwait last year in 2019. The event has given her enormous limelight and exposure worldwide.

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Having learnt to play the guitar, the wannabe is currently studying music production and music in keyboards.

Slenzitta is now a full-time musician and vocalist, she performs and works on music videos in Bangalore where she currently lives.

Her aim in life is to compose her own commercial music, to motivate youngsters and to connect with her audience.

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The much-admired singer will be seen on stage in a star-studded 4K mega Konkani musical entitled ‘??? ???????’ presented by dynamic Goan writer-director Shri Fidelis Fernandes on 21st February 2020 at Khaldiya University auditorium.

Mangalorean film actress and entertainer Ester Noronha will be one of the major attractions of the show.

Iconic superstars of Konkani stage booked to entertain also include Lawry Travasso, Seby de Divar, Comedian Agostinho Temudo, Comedian Janet, Comedian Domnic, and Comedian Ben Evangelisto.

Popular and upcoming artistes that will also don the stage include Goa’s global superstar Sanio Fernandes, Everleigh Mascarenhas, Slenzitta D’Cruz, Elaine Pinto, Frenzie Vito Rodrigues, Fernandes, Stacey Mesquita & Sheena Gracias.

A select cast of Kuwait-based artistes Balthazar Pontes, Seby Mascarenhas, Seby D’Silva, Clemmie Almeida, Esparansa, and Gasper Crasto will make the team.

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Music for the show will be provided by internationally famed Maestro Joaquim D’Souza who plays flute, piano, soprano saxophone and alto tenor sax), Nolvert Cota (Trumpet), Theo Alvares (Saxophone), and Jack Rebello (Drums) along with Kuwait’s magical maestro – Shahu Almeida, bass guitarist Dennis Gonsalves, Johnny Fernandes (Rhythms).

Cheslee D’Souza will be in charge of innovative stage-sets and sound while the hall management will be arranged by Derick Gomindes.

The event is powered by Celebrate Event Solutions.

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The director, Fidelis Fernandes hails from Colva, Salcette, Goa. His last musical in Kuwait was ‘Sath Panvdde’ which also starred a number of megastars and was a great hit.

Watch out for more details on ??? ??????? as the event unfolds.

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Gate-passes are made available across all areas in Kuwait. Audience can contact the following persons to book their seats:

Nicholas (99732917), Nazi (99663252), Agnelo (50796693), Shahu (94159311), Steven (65197400), Ian (97203624), Melvin (96007014), Cheslee (55167824).

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