Mangaluru: With Motto ‘Peace and Charity’ Capitanio Institutions celebrates 75 years Educating Poor Children

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The platinum jubilee celebrations will start with a thanksgiving mass on December 17 at 10.30 am. Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza, Bishop of Mangaluru will be the main celebrant of the festive mass. The grand finale of the celebrations will be held at 5.30 pm on December 19 presided over by Dr Sr Matilda Monteiro, provincial superior, Sisters of Charity, Mangaluru. Minister for forest, ecology and environment, B Ramanath Rai, will be the chief guest, while Health minister U T Khader, MP of Dakshina Kannada Nalin Kumar Kateel, Mangaluru South MLA J R Lobo, MLC Captain Ganesh Karnik, MLC Ivan D’Souza, MCC mayor Jacintha Alfred, parish priest of Angelore Church Fr Mathew Vas, DDPI, secondary education Philomena Lobo and others will be the guests of honour.

Mangaluru: A Journey That Reveals Many Stories..Some told, Some perhaps waiting to be discovered…For many of the students, alumni, staff, parents and other donors/well-wishers, Capitanio Institutions conjures up images of lush green spaces, resonant with bird song; memories of inviting classrooms, innovative fieldwork, animated discussions and above all a spirit of camaraderie and freedom.The Congregation of the Sisters of Charity established its mission in Mangalore in 1898 with the aim of reaching out to the most needy through works of mercy. While fulfilling their obligation of a Catholic Minority Institution for educating students Capitanio institution is open to all, irrespective of caste and creed. The Institutions have been a part of this memorable journey, that started in 1940 and continues in 2015, celebrating 75 glorious years educating children from poor families in and around Mangaluru, and also from rural areas.

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This month on 19 December, Capitanio Institutions are celebrating this continuing journey, this rich legacy of an institution that has always reached out to society, especially the poor families and their children, through relevant education, research and field action, with a commitment to social justice for all. As Capitanio Institutions celebrates “Platinum Jubilee”, it is a time for celebrations, reflections and re-imagining its future. Capitanio Institutions, which was started in 1940 with the objective of educating children from poor families of the locality as well as from rural areas with the motto of promoting “Peace and Charity”, is all set to celebrate its successful completion of 75 glorious years.

Speaking to Therese Marie, the Joint Secretary of Capitanio Institutions said, ” With a joyful note we recount the countless blessings of the Lord during the past 75 years and render thanks to God as we recall the history of Capitanio Institution. It was the year 1940 when dark clouds of World War II loomed large on the global horizon and fears of destruction of life and property gripped the minds of men all over the world, that the Capitanio School saw the light of day. The main objective of this project was the initiation of High School in their neighbourhood such as Kulshekar, Omzoor, Angelore, Padil, Valencia and rural Bendore.”


Sr Therese Marie – Joint Secretary of Capitanio Institutions


” The school had its humble beginning in a part of the famous ‘Red building’ near Garodi temple when the first three forms (equivalent to VI, VII, VIII, Stds) with 56 students on roll, which comprised the middle school was opened. By the year 1943 the institution became a full pledged high school with six forms (IX, X, XI Stds) Capitanio has grown and bloomed because of the untold sacrifices of a host of sisters and lay staff as well, who have given the best years of their life for its growth and success. Today, Capitanio Institution has classes from L.K.G to P.U.C and a professional course of teacher education (D.Ed) which are administered in six separate departments namely, the nursery, Kannada and English Medium Higher Primary School, Kannada medium High School, English medium High School, P.U.C and D. Ed course. At present the total strength of the Institution is about 1600. Our educational programme is so oriented as to provide equal attention to our students’ spiritual, moral and social growth besides attaining intellectual and academic excellence.”

Sr Therese further said, “The history of Capitanio Institutions goes back to 1940 and it was started with the sole objective of providing high school education for the girls of neighboring villages particularly for those belonging to the weaker sections of the society. Much has been done by our illustrious predecessors-correspondents, headmistresses, teaching and non-teaching staff in liberating the young minds and nurturing the school to its present state of excellence. The parents of our students and well wishers too have contributed their share for its growth and success. But much more remains to be done and we just cannot afford to rest on our laurels at this stage. We now need to take on the challenges of a relentlessly changing world with ever greater confidence and competence and unflagging spirit of service. Our sentiments on this momentous occasion can be captured in these wonderful words of the eminent statesman Dag Hammarskjold, “ For all that has been ‘Thanks’ “For all that will be ‘Yes’ ”.


The Sisters…..


…and teachers of Capitanio Institutions

It was Felix Albuquerque who donated the original school building. Capitanio has grown and bloomed because of the untold sacrifices of a host of sisters, particularly Sr Vincenza Caminada, the second provincial superior (1936-1947) and lay staff as well, who have given the best years of their life for its growth and success. With six departments, it is inconvenient for the Institutions to hold various functions and education departmental meetings in the existing hall, hence the jubilee committee members felt the need for constructing another school hall for providing better facilities for the students and it could be constructed atop English Medium High School building. The educational programme at Capitanio is oriented to provide equal attention to the students’ spiritual, moral and social growth besides attaining intellectual and academic excellence.

The Capitanio Institutions Vision : In imitation of Jesus the Redeemer who gives himself to them, educates and saves them within their own history, the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity founded by St.Bartolomea Capitanio in 1832 in Italy, considers education to the young especially of the most needy as its main purpose, to express the charity of Christ towards humanity.


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Educational activities in their schools are based on the spiritual experience of their Foundress. Therefore the Sisters aim at creating an atmosphere that gives to their students, staff and collaborators a deep spiritual experience which will enable them to be imbued with the sense of the Divine, to build up their lives in obedience to truth, be guided by right values and courageous to stand by their convictions. They train the young to be persons for others, individuals who with an attitude of service, work for the liberation of the poor and the oppressed as promoters of brotherhood and love.

Capitanio D.Ed College is a permanently recognized institution by the Government of Karnataka and run by the Management of the Sisters of Charity Education Society. The School Crest and Motto explains the Education Vision of Capitanio D.Ed College.This education institution aims at the formation of teachers as light that en-kindle the light of love in the hearts of many in imitation of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer; who illumines, inspires, guides and leads us. The two hands with lamps represent the Teacher Educator and the Teacher Trainee. The eight smaller lamps within the crest signify the pupils from 8 directions to whom the light of knowledge will be spread. The cross at the apex of the flame is symbolic of Jesus the Redeemer whose light, love and life is the motivating forces of the Teacher Educator and the Teacher Trainee.The rays radiating from the cross indicate that every lamp is lit by Christ the TRUE LIGHT.

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The first house of the Sisters

The Charism of Charity is a special gift which St.Bartolomea Capitanio received from the divine Spirit and transmitted to the Sisters of Charity for the good of the human society. Inspired by her spirit, the Sisters strive to form their students to be : God oriented – so that they become persons of prayer who realize that God is a need in their lives at all times; acknowledge Him as the Father of all people, build up relationship with Him and with all their brethren; Value oriented – who are morally upright guided by Christian principles and courageous to live by their convictions;

The other oriented – who are socially concerned, sacrificing themselves for the liberation of the poor and the oppressed through selfless service in view of building up a just society; Wisdom oriented – so as enrich their learning with needed skills, preventing it from being merely intellectual and facilitating their growing ability to reason reflectively, logically and critically; Positively oriented – towards life, through an emotionally balanced disposition, radiating happiness and contentment around them. Thus they aim at forming genuine and loyal citizens of Mother India, imbued with a patriotic spirit, a sense of responsibility and a dynamic leadership.

Several generations of students have spent their formative years in this School, carried their future education and have gone on to make their mark in the worlds of business, public service, education, health, law and in so many other areas, in the process making enormously valuable contributions to our economy, our community life, and our progression as a society. Many well known people have passed through this school and have acknowledged benefitting from the holistic education they received here and from an environment which encourages every girl/boy to realise her possibilities and reach her full potential. The pupils are very fortunate to benefit from a school and dedicated staff that continues to take a holistic approach to the education of its students, integrating the social, personal and academic aspects of educational provision.

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The wide range of extra-curricular activities supported by the school is impressive and includes, I believe, field trips, visits to galleries and museums, co-curricular activities, musical performances and participation in many competitive events which support and enhance curricular learning. Meanwhile, the strong focus on the care and support of all students and on providing a positive learning environment allows pupils to develop into well-rounded young people prepared to face life with confidence; a confidence that the values which they have embraced, and the skills and knowledge which they have acquired, will equip them well in building their future lives.

We all should know nuns are called to help the community and to spread the word of God. Most of them spend their time in silent prayer and reflection. They head out into the community to do whatever they can, education, being spiritual directors, doing youth guidance and counseling or offering up any other talents they have in the name of God. Some are teachers while others work in charitable causes. Nuns serve a very important life in the church and normally are dedicated to the Church and Christ more than most others. And no doubt that the Sisters of Charity have served the community in the field of education and also in many other ways for the betterment of the Capitanio Institutions.

Therefore, all those who have been touched, inspired and cared by the St.Bartolomea Capitanio community of religious nuns should express thanks and gratitude to them for helping shape your ideals and beliefs. They taught you to respect your elders, practice self-control, diagram sentences, memorize poems, genuflect in Church, say your prayers, send money to missions, reflect about your lives, “what you did, what you should have done and what you failed to do” and how to clap erasers and carry our books and bags to the school.

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The mission of the sisters of Capitanio Institutions in educating the youth from Nursery classes to PUC/D Ed has attained fruition where nearly 1600 students illumine the campus today not merely aspiring towards academic excellence but very importantly using the many opportunities for strengthening faith and values of the students. Besides educating the youth, the sisters offer humane services to the society, the local church and the society at large in every possible way. The Institution strives at the formation of persons intellectually competent, who think critically, act effectively in various situations of life and more emotionally well balanced, radiating happiness and contentment all around.Therefore they seek a whole-hearted co-operation of parents and consider them as partners in their mission of charity in creating a just and humane society.

In conclusion, You too will leave this school and go out into the world to place your unique mark on your communities and societies. My wish for you is that, like the generations that have gone here before you, most of you will look back on your days in Capitanio Institutions with great gratitude and affection. In years to come you may not remember all of the mathematical theorems that you learnt here, or the other subject, but you will remember the friendships, the support and the security that came with knowing you were part of the St Bartolomea family.

Wherever you may find yourselves in the world in future years, you will always remain connected in a profound way to the people you share this hall with today; the people who have played such a significant part in your formative years and who will remain central to your memories of the place you will always think of as ‘your’ school. Finally, to the Sisters of Charity nuns, who taught their students back in the “good old days,” and ‘Present Days” and also for their other services, they deserve a big “thank you” and “God bless you.” I end this tribute with a thought-provoking message:

“As you serve the Lord with all your heart and his life shines through you to light the way for others, may you rejoice in knowing what a difference you are making in His kingdom. For the work, love and goodwill that you spread throughout the Sisters of Charity Congregation and community, may God bless you all “.

Happy 75th Birthday wishes to Capitanio Institutions from Team Mangalorean. While team looks forward to cover the platinum jubilee celebrations, we would like to wish Joint Secretary of Capitanio Institutions Sr Therese Marie, rest of the Sisters, teachers, staff and students all success in the years to come. Long live Capitanio Institutions!.

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  1. Glad to note that my Alma mater is celebrating 75 years–my sincere thanks to all the Sisters who gave me the best training and education-and also the path to where I am now.

    Thanks to the author and this website for the wide coverage. Long live capitanio institutions which cares for the betterment of the students, especialy those who hail from the poor families

  2. Every time I pass by this institution while traveling by bus towards my home, I think to my self- a small institution has become so magnificent during the years providing good education and manners to the students. Feel proud to be the ex-student of this great institution.


  3. I would like thank these Sister’s of Charity for giving my sister an opportunity to have been accepted to be a nun, 65 years ago. then a teacher, and then they sent her to Medical School to complete MBBS, DGO, and MD. She worked in Hyderabad till age 67M at Vijay Marie Hospital. She succumbed to cancer by donating her organs, breasts and uterus etc. Her name is Dr. Sr. Consilia Helen Fernandes from Barkur. She earned a front row seat in Heaven! Belief is a divine grace. Taste it. Humble can be exalted. Poor can eat Cashew nuts too! Thanks.

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