Missing Newlywed woman from Manipal found in Goa with Boyfriend Tanmoy Nath

Missing Newlywed woman from Manipal found in Goa with Boyfriend Tanmoy Nath

Udupi: The missing case of a newlywed woman has taken a new turn on Tuesday after Manipal police traced her in Goa along with her boyfriend.

Jane D’Cruz (28) from Moodbidri, had gone missing from Manipal on January 4.

On January 4, Jane along with her husband Lloyd Monteiro, a resident of Katpadi, had been to the theater in Manipal to watch a movie.

During the interval, she told her husband that she was going to the washroom. But she did not return to her seat. Lloyd, after waiting for some time approached the Manipal police.

Based on the complaint the Manipal police intensified their search for Jane. Police head-constable Vishwajith left to Goa on January 7 and succeeded in tracing Jane on Tuesday, December 8 afternoon.

Police said that Jane D’Cruz had left from Manipal to Mangaluru on January 4. She then visited an ATM and withdrew Rs 30,000 before leaving to Goa by train to meet Tanmoy Nath, with whom she was in love for five years.

It is learnt that she was in love with Tanmoy Nath (25), a youth from West Bengal settled in Goa. Tanmoy, who works at a studio, met Jane when he was in Mangaluru for a serial shoot. Jane, till recently worked as a receptionist at a hotel in Mangaluru.

She told the police that she was not interested in marrying Llyod as she was already in love with Tanmoy Nath. She also said that she had married Lloyd due to the pressure of her parents.

The police had a tough time in locating Jane as she was made to stay on an island in Goa by Tanmoy. Police found that Jane’s mobile had several calls from Tanmoy’s number, so the police initially traced Tanmoy. Tanmoy did not admit knowing Jane’s whereabouts, but further inquiry forced Tanmoy to reveal the truth.

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Strange. Why did she wait till the wedding was over? I am sure everyone has the same question