Why is Guv keen on investigating Cong MLC’s remark on Godhra: Priyank Kharge

Why is Guv keen on investigating Cong MLC’s remark on Godhra: Priyank Kharge
Bengaluru:  Karnataka Minister for RDPR, IT, and BT, Priyank Kharge on Saturday asked why is the Governor Thawar Chand Gehlot insisting to probe the remarks of Congress MLC B.K. Hariprasad.

Earlier, Hariprasad had said that Godhra-like development is likely to be repeated in Karnataka and had urged the state government to ensure security of those who are travelling to Ayodhya in the coming days. “As per information available, a Godhra-like incident can take place in Karnataka. The government must provide security to those who are travelling to Ayodhya,” Hariprasad said.

“Why is the Governor repeatedly asking to probe the statement of Hariprasad? Why is he exerting so much pressure?” Kharge told media persons.

He said that while respecting the words of the Governor, the Karnataka Home Department has already responded. “Why is the Governor is so interested? Do they want to embarrass the government and Hariprasad?” Kharge asked.

He said that wherever the BJP is not in power, they have started to rule through the Governors.

“Action will be taken within the legal framework. What is the connection between the law and order situation and the Governor? Has law and order been affected? These developments (tussle between government and governor) did not occur during the previous government. People should think about why it is happening only during our tenure,” he said.

Reacting to the development of an inquiry by the police, Congress MLC Hariprasad said that he has answered all the questions of the Special Wing of Bengaluru Police.

He said that BJP might have filed a complaint with the Governor and he (Governor) may have asked for a probe.

“If all cases are dealt with, then this is not justifiable. Why is it only that Congress is held accountable? The Governor is a Constitutional authority and I am a member of the Legislative Council. They should have taken the consent of the Speaker,” he said.

Hariprasad was grilled by state police on Friday for his “Godhra-like incident might be repeated in Karnataka” remark.

Hariprasad slammed his own Congress government, saying he does not know whether it is Congress-led government or RSS-led government. “I am not able to understand which government is ruling in Karnataka,” Hariprasad said.