Udupi: BJP celebrates death of youth for political gains – Amrith Shenoy

Udupi: “The BJP celebrates the death of youth for political gains,” alleged Congress leader Amrith Shenoy. He was speaking at a protest organised by the district Congress over the rise in murders of youth by fringe elements and fundamentalists. The protest was organised in front of the Clock Tower here, on November 21.

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“BJP leaders push poor youth into fringe elements but their children are protected even from the shadow of these elements. Fringe elements have ruined the future of youth in the coastal areas, to promote their religious mindset which harms social harmony. The tears of the BJP have stopped flowing after gaining knowledge of the fact that Harish Poojary was killed by their own people.”

He further said, “Fringe elements are giving swords in the hands of youth in the coastal areas. Their education, family life and socio-economic status is being destroyed by these elements. Youth are being influenced to get involved in communal riots but when they are jailed, no one is bothered about their plight in the jail.”

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“Internal terrorism is destroying communal harmony in the coastal districts. The youth of the backward classes are the ones who suffer the most while the upper class remain safe. The BJP had created a ruckus over death of IAS officer D K Ravi but are now silent after the CBI report has indicated that it was suicide. BJP should apologise for its political play in D K Ravi case,” he added.

CMC President Yuvraj, CMC Standing Committee President Prashant Bhat, Sujay Poojary, Prashant Poojary, Meenakshi Madhva, Janardhan Bhandarkar, Yatheesh Karkera, Sunil Bangera and others were present.

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