4th Annual Diabetes and Endocrinology Conference in Sharjah

4th Annual Diabetes and Endocrinology Conference to be Held in Sharjah on 29th& 30th April

  • Leading international experts on diabetes to converge in Sharjah to discuss contemporary issues related to the prevalence of diabetes

UAE: The 4th Annual Diabetes & Endocrinology Conference of the Northern Emirates, jointly organized by the Department of Internal medicine of Thumbay Hospital – Ajman and Gulf Medical University will be held from 8:30 am to 4:15 pm on the 29th and 30th of April 2016, at Sheraton Hotel, Sharjah. Accredited by the Ministry of Health for 14 CME hours, the conference will be a platform for the representatives of leading international bodies on diabetes as well as experts from top universities and hospitals in the region, to discuss contemporary trends in diabetes.

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The theme of the conference this year will be ‘Reproductive Health and Sexual Disorders Linked to Diabetes & Endocrinology’, and there will be a special focus on the current evolving researches in improving sexual and reproductive health. The conference will have expert talks on various diabetes-related topics such as Reproductive Health, Reproductive Endocrinology, Safe Motherhood, Gestational Diabetes, Contraceptives, Adolescent Reproductive Health, Genetic and Genomic Sciences, Sexual Medicine & Traditional Practices in Sexual Medicine.

The conference will also cover all other hot topics in Diabetes & Endocrinology including new diabetes medications, update guidelines on cardiometabolic risk managements, vitamin D new researches and obesity management including obesity, thyroid, depression & anxiety, sexual disorders, adolescent/pediatric issues and treatments.

The talks will be delivered by experts like Dr. FaruqBadiuddin (General Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon – Mediclinic Dubai Mall, Dubai), Dr. Safdar Naqvi (Executive & Medical Director – ICLDC, Abu Dhabi & Hon: Consultant Endocrinologist – Imperial healthcare UK), Dr. Mahir Khalil Jallo (Consultant Endocrinologist – Thumbay Hospital, Ajman), Dr. Hubert Penninckx (Specialist Endocrinologist – American Hospital Dubai, Dubai), Dr. Sadir J. Alrawi (Consultant Head & Neck, Minimal Invasive Oncology – Al Zahra Cancer Center, Dubai), Dr. Vipin Mishra (Consultant Endocrinologist – Zulekha Hospital, Dubai), Dr. Zain Gulzar (Consultant Endocrinologist and Medical Director – RAK Diabetes Center), Dr. Omar Dhaimat (Consultant Endocrinologist – Sulaiman Habib Hospital, Dubai), Dr. Koulshan M. Jameel (Consultant Obstetrician &Gynaecologist – Canadian Specialist Hospital, Dubai), Dr. Hala Fakhry (Consultant Psychiatrist – Thumbay Hospital, Ajman), Dr. Shatha Al Sharbatti (Professor – HOD Community Medicine, Gulf Medical University, Ajman), Dr.Kiran Kumar (Specialist Internal Medicine – Thumbay Hospital, Ajman), Dr. Mazen Askheta (Consultant Internal Medicine & Diabetologist – Tawam Johns Hopkins Medicine Hospital, Al Ain), Dr. Fadhil Mustafa Al Shama (Consultant Physician & Endocrinologist – Dubai Hospital, DHA), Dr. Bashar Neamat Sahar (Specialist Endocrinologist – Zulekha Hospital, Dubai), Dr. Abdulqadir Al Zarooni (Consultant Urologist – President Of Emirates Urological Society, EMA), Dr. Ali El Houni (Consultant Endocrinologist – Tawam Johns Hopkins Medicine Hospital, Al Ain), Dr. Mustafa Al Qaysi (Consultant Pediatric Endocrinologist – Zulekha Hospital, Dubai), Dr. Mohsen El Mekresh (Consultant and Head of Urology Department – Mafraq Hospital, Abu Dhabi), Dr. Wael Tosson (Senior Consultant and Head of Urology Department – RAK), Dr. Lusine Kazaryan (Obstetrician/Gynecologist Specialist – Specialist Medical Centre, Dubai), Dr. Aziz Kittana (Ozone Specialist – German Specialist Ozone Centre/ Ozotrade Consultances) and Dr.Savina Castellas (Masters in Clinical Pathology – Gulf Medical University, Ajman).

The event is expected to be attended by audience from various professional interests such as reproduction, diabetes & endocrinology; including endocrinologists, physicians, gynecologists, researchers, postgraduate students, pharmacist and pharmaceuticals and sexual technology developers, in addition to students of various colleges.

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