Yettinahole Issue, NRSS to Observe DK Bandh on May 19

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Yettinahole Issue, NRSS to Observe DK Bandh on May 19

Mangaluru: Nethravati Rakshana Samyukta Samiti (NRSS) held a meeting to discuss future agitation against the Yettinahole Project at the Arya Samaj Mandir here, on April 27.


Looking at the lukewarm response by the government towards the woes of the people of the coastal region, it was decided to intensify the agitation. Many leaders called for a peaceful bandh. Further discussions were held and it was decided that the district-wide bandh would be observed on May 19.

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Speaking on the occasion, MG Hegde said, “Due the shortage of drinking water, Mangaluru is already turning into a new Bijapur. According to sources the hotel industry will shut down in a few days if there is no rain. Today’s situation is a result of the Yettinahole project which is already in progress.”

Vijaykumar Shetty said, “So far our protests have only had lukewarm responses. We have also appealed to the Green Tribunal to stop the project and their verdict will be delivered tomorrow, April 28. Apart from a few, most of our regional elected leaders are supporting the project. We know that many leaders have made money from the project. But if we allow the project to take shape, it will be like cheating our future generations.”

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He further said, “We have observed that the government gives response to protestors only if they are violent. In Bengaluru, when a bus is burnt, immediate meetings are called. Bandh is the only way to reach the government, but it should be peaceful and nobody should be hurt.”

Esha Vittaladas Swamiji of Kemaru Math said, “This is a plot to destroy Tulunadu. It is sad that the leaders though have drunk the water of this district are reluctant to repay the debt of the land.”

Fr William said, “If people turn up in lakhs, then the government will surely respond positively. We are ready to show our full support.”

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KA Masood said, “There is no religion when it comes to water. We have to be united in this struggle.”

Harikrishna Bantwal said, “When all religions come together, there will surely be a revolution. This is not a politically motivated struggle, but this is a struggle for survival. People will wake up and join the agitation only when they will be aware of the consequences of water shortage. Awareness meetings should be held at Taluk levels.”

Parish Priest of Rosario Church Fr J B Crasta, Satyajit Suratkal and other leaders were also present.

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