A New Year resolution to reflect on: Eat less junk food


""Name:  Crystal Rodrigues
Date of Birth:  10/23/93
Father’s Name:  Sal Rodrigues
Mother’s Name:  Florine Rodrigues
Native Place:  Belle Udupi
School: Crone Middle School, Naperville, Illinois

Hi, my name is Crystal.  I’m a grade 7 student at Crone Middle School, Naperville, Illinois.  I have great passion for music.  I have taken couple of years of voice lessons as well as piano lessons when I was in elementary school.  Now I?m in honor chorus in my school as well as I play violin in the school orchestra.  My hobbies are reading, playing basketball and swimming. I love to watch Indian Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Indian Idol T.V. programs.

A hamburger is a part of an American diet and is the trademark of fast food and now it has become a global trend. Do you know about how much trouble it brings? Fast food can cause a lot of problems; here are some that I am telling you about.


E. coli:  When eaten this tedious germ multiplies in the body. You might have heard that a germ like this is found in spinach and beef. It might be in there when you are eating a whopper, or a big Mac. In many occasions there has been E.coli in fast food restaurants. In unusual cases there has been death and severe illness.


Obesity:  Did you know that obesity is the leading cause of death, behind smoking? Data from the year 2000 on MSNBC’s Web site show 300,000 people die each year because of obesity-related problems!


Condiments: Condiments like ketchup and mustard that are served on burgers may seem harmless, but don?t judge before you distinguish the facts. The dyes that they use in the burgers (Red Dye #3 and Yellow Dye #5) if eaten in excess have not only known to cause behavioral problems in children but also is associated with cancer.


Fries: In a usual fast food restaurant, there are some fries that come along with the burger. Fries are really unhealthy; it has four times the calories and double the protein content of baked or boiled potatoes! Each ounce of fries is a tablespoon of fat!


Soda: Did you know that 12 ounces of soda has 10 teaspoons of sugar in it? Soda threatens healthy bones and a healthy body. Caffeine can also make you very restless and taking in too much caffeine might lead to addiction.