And There Shall Be Water! Bishop Peter Sadanha’s Words turns into Miracle in Bajpe

And There Shall Be Water! Bishop Peter Sadanha’s Words turns into Miracle in Bajpe

And There Shall Be Water! Bishop of Mangaluru Diocese Peter Paul Sadanha’s Words turns into Miracle in Bajpe, where water miraculously appeared while an earth mover was digging a barren land

Mangaluru: In Bible, 2 Kings 3:17 it says- “This is what the LORD says: ‘Dig this valley full of ditches. You will not see wind or rain, but the valley will be filled with water, and you will drink— you and your cattle and your animals.’ Having faith for miracles is important. But having faith to persevere when no miracle is in sight is equally important. In the Bible we hear many miracle stories, where Jesus had performed many miracles in His three years of public ministry. Some of them were widely publicized while others only get a brief mention. Some of His miracles deal with the forces of nature. Some with the physical body. But all have some type of spiritual impact either on the people who experienced the miracle or for our edification today.

A few miracles of Jesus, for example- “Turning Water Into Wine – John 2:1-11”; “Healing the Centurion’s Servant – Matthew 8:5-13”; “Calming the Storm – Mark 4:35-41”; “Healing Two Blind Men – Matthew 9:27-31”; “Feeding the 5000 – John 6:1-15”; “Jesus Walks on Water – John 6:16-27”; among many others. What lessons that we learn is that Jesus was able to heal bodies, diseases and even bring people back from the dead. The Lord had power over the physical universe. All that the Lord did in the physical realm was to help us learn who He was in the spiritual realm. Every one of these miracles had a physical result, but they can be used to teach us about a God in Heaven who wants to have a relationship with man.

Through Jesus Christ, God revealed Himself to us. We can put our faith and trust in the power of the Lord for our eternal lives as well as our temporal ones. God’s protective love and compassion are at the heart of all miracle stories found in the Bible. If these were the miracles that we heard in the Bible, but locally here too miracles have happen. After Pope John Paul II had visited Bajpe-Mangaluru on 6 February 1986, during his homily He had asked God to bless the area abundantly, so that people won’t have scarcity of water, food etc. And surprisingly Pope John Paul II (now a Saint) words turned into miracle, where water appeared in plenty in the vicinity of Bajpe, which had scarcity of water prior to that. Miracles do happen, and that’s true!

And now we have yet another Miracle to be believed, as narrated to Team Mangalorean by Fr Edwin Pinto-the Parish Priest of St Anthony Church Anthonykatte Bajpe, where he said, “Bishop of Mangaluru Diocese Rev Dr Peter Paul Saldanha had visited our Church area couple of days ago to inspect and give us some suggestions. While interacting with us He mentioned “Whatever project you undertake, from it, God’s mercy and Grace should flow to the people of the area”. Prior to these comments He made here, the Bishop during the Feast Mass at the Bajpe Shrine where Saint Pope John Paul II had visited, also said that after the Pope had visited and left the area, there has been plenty of water available in the bore-wells, whereas there was a scarcity of water earlier”.

“And yesterday, when we had undertaken a work on a barren land, using a JCB earth-mover, and the earth-mover was digging into the solid hard ground, all of a sudden water was seen coming out of the dry land, proving what Bishop Peter Paul Saldanha had said had become a reality or call it a Miracle. No doubt about it at all. When the Bishop was here couple of days ago, and while He was interacting with us I told Him, “Bishop, We don’t know, who knows, what you will become some years later” and then I quickly clicked a selfie with me and bunch of other people”.

Seen in the selfie photo- Fr Edwin Pinto (left) with Bishop Peter Paul Saldanha and Church members

Never know this selfie taken by Fr Edwin Pinto someday could be worth million dollars, in case, Mangaluru produces a Saint in the name of “Saint Peter Paul Saldanha”. You never know, “Miracles do Happen” in the form of “Saints”?

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  1. Presence of Timelgood Leaders in these times is as important as many other miracles. Bishop Peter Paul has proven to be a good Leader who follows the steps of Emiratus Bishop Aloysius. Under their joint leadership Mangalore will witness many more great things in the years to come.

    Let us pray for their good health and happiness so that Mangalore will witness many more great things in future days. Timely rain and sufficient rain in India each year is as precious a gift alike many other gifts that India deserves in addition to peace and harmony.

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