Beltangady: Facebook Post on Woman Lands Muguli Resident behind Bars

Beltangady: Rising cases of abuse of the social media to settle personal scores have been a matter of concern in the recent years.

It has been repeatedly highlighted in these columns as to how the Internet and the social media are being abused by anti-social characters to serve their motives and settle old scores rather than promoting public good. The fact that the tracing of the culprits is a time-consuming process is being taken advantage of by more and more such people.


As a fresh warning to those who indulge in such activities, the police have arrested one Premchandra, a resident of Muguli here, for posting indecent and derogatory comments on a young woman, hailing from Kundapur.

The Fraser Town police, who are investigating the case, have taken him to Bengaluru for further questioning and further proceedings. The courts will remain closed up to Tuesday. The offence being bailable, what action the police would take is being watched.

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