Bengaluru: High Court Clears Toll Plaza at Suratkal, Raps Locals for Opposition

Bengaluru: The state high court has taken a serious view of the protests being staged against the new toll plaza set up on NH 66 at Suratkal.


A division bench consisting of ad-interim Chief Justice S K Mukherjee and Justice B V Nagaratna has pointed out that the construction of the toll plaza by the court had been cleared under the protection of the commissioner of police of Mangaluru city.

Accordingly the plaza was set up. But the residents continued to oppose its functioning. The contractors, Inderdeep Constructions, filed a plaint in the high court in this connection. The court has disposed of the case in favour of the contractors.

The court has directed the commissioner and the DCP of the area to strictly ensure smooth functioning of the toll plaza as the NHAI has approved of it.


  1. Maybe the high court has not been made aware that the road is incomplete at several stretches that include Bykampady where the traffic moves at snails pace. The quality of the road near panambur is horrible and the surathkal junction is a nightmare for motorists. If the learned judges or their reps are made to travel on this road I am sure thet will reverse the judgment.

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