Bidar: 7-year Jail for Accepting Rs 600 as Bribe Six Years Ago!

Bidar: Some may call it an irony of the system or mockery of justice.

While hundreds of politicians and public servants amass in crores and yet go scotfree, a man has been handed a sentence of seven years in jail by the Lokayukta court for accepting a paltry sum of Rs 600 as bribe, that too six years ago.


But bribe is a bribe, say many who look at the judgement as what future holds out to those indulging in corrupt practices. The higher the amount the higher the punishment could be, they feel.

Rajkumar, the village accountant of Chamboli village in Bidar taluk, had demanded and accepted Rs 600 in the from of bribe for settlement of a land dispute on August 8, 2009.

He was caught red-handed by the Lokayukta police of Bidar district with sufficient proof. He was booked under the anti-graft laws. After a prolonged hearing of six years, the Lokayukta court has just pronounced its judgement sentencing him to seven years’ rigorous imprisonment and imposed a fine of Rs 8,000.

Judge Sanjeev Kumar Hanchate opined that corruption cases had gone beyond limits in the country. The quantum of bribe did not matter. Whether the bribe take was a rupee or a lakh, it would be bribe in any case. Hence there was no question of condoning the act, he ruled.

As the court gave its ruling, Rajkumar’s wife and family members who were present in the premises were seen breaking down. He has been the only earning member and the couple has five daughters.

Whether the judgement will serve as a warning bell for the corrupt is yet to be seen.


  1. This is why India continues to be a third-world country. How can anyone take our judiciary systems seriously when it consistently fails to punish thousands of corrupt politicians and businessmen while handing over such a harsh punishment to this guy for Rs.600 bribe? This guy got more than a year of imprisonment for every Rs.100 bribe!!! Our politicians deal in hundreds of crores and our judiciary seems to have absolutely no teeth to punish those guys. Look at what happened to Spectrum raaja, jayalalitha, yeddy-reddy etc.

  2. learn from others mistakes.never indulge in bribery of small amounts.if you want to make money please take money in crores.only then can you get away without van afford to bribe your way through our corrupt system.—–jai hind

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