BJP Leaders Involved in Murder of Vinayak Baliga – Mithun Rai

Mangaluru: District Youth Congress President, Mithun Rai held a press meet regarding the murder case of Vinayak Baliga at the district Congress Office here, on April 9.

Addressing the media persons, Mithun said, “The police department is doing a thorough investigation to solve the murder case. As per the FIR, we know that this was a case of contract killing and the police are successful in nabbing two accused while the third is still on the run. The orders to perform the hit were given by Srikant who had got the orders from Naresh Shenoy, the founder of Yuva Brigade which is an arm of the BJP. Both Srikant and Naresh are absconding.”


Mithun further said, “The BJP legislatures and district President are quiet about the murder. This makes us feel that BJP leaders are involved in this murder. In the past 4-5 months, two Hindus have been murdered, Harish Poojary and Vinayaka Baliga. As per the investigations revealed, Hindus were murdered by Hindus and the murders were also carried out by Hindus. If the murders were committed by a person belonging to the minority class, then the BJP would have given a communal colour to the murders and there would be unrest in the district.”

He said, “The murders were committed by active members of Bajrang Dal and their President Babu Shetty is also involved in several cases. Baliga had filed around 99 cases by filing RTI’s and these cases included cases on various Hindu organizations. Naresh Shenoy is involved in the murder and if he was not, then there was absolutely no reason for him to be absconding.”


Mithun said that District Minister In-charge, Ramanath Rai had already asked the police to conduct a fair investigation in the murder case. “If persons involved in criminal activities are killed then the Sangh Parivar does not hesitate to give compensation to them, but in this case, they are missing from the scene. MLC Ivan D’Souza has already spoken to the Chief Minister and has assured a compensation of Rs 5 lakh as relief to Baliga’s family.”

“There is no way Naresh Shenoy can escape from the law as the police have already issued a lookout notice against him, all airports are notified and there is a non-bailable warrant issued against him. There are a few posts on Facebook by BJP members declaring Naresh Shenoy being innocent. When the courts have issued a non-bailable warrant against him, the support extended to Naresh Shenoy by the members of the Sangh Parivar equals to contempt of court and it also shows how they support the criminals,” Mithun added.


Mithun said that Congress wants the public to be aware of the facts and the truth should come out.

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  1. Any guesses on who those caught in MIA typically vote for and associated with? Is it okay to hold a political party responsible for what its ‘vote bank’ does on regular basis?

  2. “Any guesses on who those caught in MIA typically vote for and associated with?” – Rampa

    Arre o Rampa,

    The other day, I asked you if your elastic Baba Ram(pa)deva’s comments (lopping off heads off ‘AUNTY’ Nationals) needed to be condemned, and THERE you go on to display your never-ending ‘fetish’ for MIA smugglers.

  3. Joker Praveena Pinto,
    I can fully understand why you are so sympathetic towards MIA smugglers. After all, you spent most of past two decades working in Saudi. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of your roommates ( 7 to 8 roommates at any given time!!) were also involved in MIA adventures!! smiles…

  4. Ever since my high school and college days, I had a number of passionate debates with my religious friends and RSS members on god, religion and atheism. Back in those days, there were plenty of contrarian views from SL Bhyrappa’s ‘parva’ to ‘bandaaya saahitya’. Nobody threatened me or harassed me for my atheist mind. Now, imagine what would have happened if India were dominated by a different faith. Well, we don’t have to go too far. Take a look at Pakistan and Bangladesh. Isn’t it sad that our media silent on the slaughter of atheists right next door?

  5. Now, imagine what would have happened if India were (TO BE -poor Rampa.. he missed out stuff) dominated by a different faith” – Namma Rampe

    Hahahaha. A pure hypothetical question ya Rampu. One can go to any extent and ask:

    1. WHAT if Attila the Hun had found his way to Yumreeka instead of Amerigo Vespucci/Christopher Colombus? (THAT is, if ‘yumreeka’ wasn’t discovered before – people right from the Chinese, to the Norses, to Abu Raihan Al Biruni (born 973 AD) have claimed to have done it (Oh, you gotta read stuff a tad instead of relying on Youtube videos of some Shareepa, Rapeeka, Parooka et al), WOULD the US have been the US we know it is today?

    2. What IF Indians didn’t have the CASTE system coded into their DNA – ALL thanks to the ‘superiors’ UP the Varna ladder? Couldn’t WE have been world-leaders by now?

    3. WHAT if other dogs had fleas too – just as we wonder if there is LIFE on OTHER planets?

    4. What is the ‘Loch Ness’ monster were to found in the Ganges? Would it be ANOTHER diety?

    See ya Rampa.. you simple fella. JUST stop asking your “IF” and “BUT” crap.

    Mapeepandhe Jeppula dhe, Rampa. 🙂

  6. “A pure hypothetical question…” writes Joker Praveena Pinto!!

    How delusional and ignorant one has to be to ignore the link I provided and call it a hypothetical!!! After Akhanda Bhaaratha was amputated by British, we all have seen the fate of agnostic, atheist individuals in Pakistan and Bangladesh. The only difference between modern India and these two countries is religion. In fact, we can include Nepaala as well. The non-believers and atheists can live and speak their mind in India and Nepaala without any fear of blasphemy or being murdered. Atheists are being murdered one by one and here is a guy calling it hypothetical. How does Beef Club produce so many geniuses?

  7. “After Akhaaaanda Bharaaaaathaaa was amputated by British…” – Joker Rampe

    That surely explains WHY there were SO MANY kingdoms, kings and princes etc in our beloved Akhaaaaandaaa Bharatha who were CONSTANTLY on the lookout to slit the neighboring kings throat! And the borders in the North – went all the way to the N. most point of the erstwhile Soviet Union and in the South – right up to the land of the Maori’s, right?

    How does the Na (b***) kaaounga, Na (B***) khilane doonga club produce such geniuses?

  8. “So many kingdoms and princes…” writes Joker Praveena Pinto.

    Please remember that your ‘dinka-dinka’ masters also had so many kingdoms, kings and princes in Europe. But it didn’t stop the idea of ‘Europe’ and finally European Union. Same way, Akhanda Bhaaratha concept goes back to Vedic period. It didn’t mean that there were no kingdoms and fights. It simply highlighted a geographical region that shared a common culture, tradition and heritage (Bharateeya parampara). I know this is very hard for you to understand as a result of ‘dinka-dinka’ mindset. I’m here to help you. Thanks to the migration of ‘peaceful’ tribes over 1000 years, we have an amputated Akhanda Bhaaratha today. Samskrutam script (deva naagari) has been replaced by arabic script. The entire region north of Godavari speaks in a strange language born out of foreign invaders.

  9. “dinka dinka” – Rampa

    Poor simple-minded RampaNNA, still can’t get over his Kannada songs from his Mysooru days!

    Rampa, you SIMPLY can’t “highlight a geographical region” and give it some fancy name to keep your Vedic masters ‘dilkush’! 🙂

    And hey, some millions of years back, the whole world was one – called Pangaea! Well, who is gonna explain all this to a ‘genius’ from the Chaddi balaga?

  10. Pai, why do you write in a foreign language when you know sanskrit? Don’t accuse others of aping when you indulge in the same. You speak against migration when you are a migrant yourself. As a migrant you refuse to accept the culture of your adopted country then why accuse the migrants in India.

    • What? WHAT? Did you say “Sanskrit” and “India”, Mr. Arun?

      Don’t you know that as per our ’36 chambers of Shaolin’ MIA anti-gold-smuggling expert called Yumreeki Raaampaaai, the correct word is ‘Samskrutam’? And that it is NOT “India” BUT ‘Akhaaaandaaa Bhaaaarathaaa’? (Please note the CORRECT number of ‘a”s in each word!) 😉

      So, do you want to be charged for Sedition for making such seditious statements?

      Do you want to lose your pension?

      Do you want to be branded as an anti-national?

      Are you making SUCH atrocious statements because your “western masters” taught you just that?

      Why do you hate Sanaaaathanaaa Dharmaaa so much?

      You don’t know ANYTHING about Murudeshwaaaraaa but know ALL about Disneyland & Hollywood and Mutton Biryani & Haleem. So, you MUST be Pakistani if not outright Somali!

      Are you hating Akhaandaaaa Bharathaaaa in general & Brahmanas in particular because your Yumreeki visa was REJECTED AFTER you spent a decade in Saudi doing ‘aadu jeevitham’?

      Sir, the COUNTRY wants to KNOW and Rampai needs an unconditional apology – preferably on the WHOLE front page of the TOI, ‘Surathi’ & ‘Police Vaarthe’ & Tinkle.

      Furthermore, your anticipatory bail is hereby REJECTED and your Ration card, Aadhar card, Passport, Passbook, ATM card(s), Gym membership card, gas connection, Pulsar Bike, mobile etc are ‘impounded’ until further notice! Your name is STRUCK off the list of Akhaaandaa Bharathiyaaa nationals who will be receiving their fair share of 15 lakhs!

      In the meantime, you are directed to report for the ‘Swacch Akhandaaaa Bharathaaa’ campaign!

      /- Sd. – Lord Original Yumreeki Rampai

  11. The modern Indian state is based on Western political ideas, not fantasies of the kingdom of Bharatha and Rama. The rhetoric of myth mad Hindutva polemicists is excessive and ridiculous.

  12. @ Aruna – I don’t know what you mean when you say ‘sankrit’. I did study samskrutam. Also, are you trying to imply that I should start writing my posts in samskrutam on an english portal? LOL What a genius you are!!

    @ Roy – It may be a myth to you and other members of ‘Beef Club’ who are taught to hate your own heritage by your foreign masters. I was simply pointing out a historic truth. Blame yourself if you are too ignorant to understand and appreciate it. Also, please note that democracy, secular values, free speech and individual freedom may have come from West. But, these are universal values. Nobody says ‘Physics’ is Christian the same way nobody in right mind would believe that yoga makes you a hindu!!!! These are universal things and the entire humanity can enjoy the benefits.

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