Lookout Notice Issued against Yuva Brigade’s Naresh Shenoy – Police

Lookout Notice Issued against Yuva Brigade’s Naresh Shenoy – Police

Mangaluru: The city police have confirmed having issued a lookout notice against Naresh Shenoy, one-time founder of NaMo Brigade and later convener of Yuva Brigade, who is suspected to be involved in the murder of RTI activist Vinayak Baliga last month.


All airports have been notified of the matter so that he would not be able to leave the country. He is wanted for interrogation to ascertain his possible involvement in the murder.

As there were reports that Shenoy was trying to flee abroad, the airports have been informed. However, some friends of the deceased feel that the notice may have come a few days too late and he may have escaped abroad already.

Earlier, there were reports that he had gone to Hardwar and then taken shelter in Goa or Andamans. Two police teams from the city were soon sent to these places, which did not succeed in getting any clues.

In a curious development, rumours were spread through WhatsApp messages that the city police had nabbed Shenoy in Hardwar on Tuesday. A person using the handle ‘rabiut’ posted this news in a WhatsApp group which happens to have the city police commissioner also as a member.

He took a serious view of it and responded with a post terming it as a baseless report and cautioned the public against false reports. In the post, he also summoned the said ‘rabiut’ to present himself in his office at an appointed hour. What transpired later is not known.

In the meantime, the search is also on for Shrikant and Shiva, the other accused.

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