Blush a bit

Blush a bit

I feel so happy just spending time with you.
You make my sadness disappear with that smile.
“I love talking with you” would make me lose my mind.
Don’t ever try to change, because I love the way you are.

I swear am not trying to impress you out
but this time I want to you to blush it out.
Because I see you turn to the brightest of red
and I can imagine it’s the fire burning ahead.

Is that really how you blush
Creating a love in me so much
when you blush I see a holocaust around
blush a bit and let the fire surround.

I feel like my wings are hardly sprouting now
I want to fly and burn the heaven right now
I want to fly and bring that hell down
but you promise you will never let me down.

Every time when I stare at you I can imagine a lot.
I get lost in your face when you blush, but Pale it not.
You understand me so well, it’s like you can read my mind.
Blush a bit as there are thousands of thoughts in my mind.

Mohammed Mohsien

Mohammed Mohsien from Mangalore, India
Find me on Instagram: @mmohsien, I have posted most of my poetry and art. I thank all who have taken their time in reading my work.