Child Sacrifice at Yeyyadi in 2010 – Guilt Proved, Sentence Reserved

Mangaluru: Priyanka, a girl child of Firan Kumar and Anjali Devi Jha couple from Bihar who have been living in Sharbatkatte of Barebail Yeyyadi the city had gone missing in December 2010.


Soon thereafter, it came to light that Kamalaksha Purusha (80) and his so-claimed foster-daughter Chandrakala (30) who lived in the neighbourhood had used the child for sacrifice in sorcery to rid themselves of ghosts.

Purusha and Chandrakala were arrested and sent to judicial custody. Niranjandas Urs, the then-inspector of Kadri station, had investigated into the matter and ACP Ravindra Gadadi had filed the charge-sheet.


The case was heard in the fourth additional district and sessions court. It heard arguments of both the side and examined 18 witnesses. Three witnesses reportedly turned hostile.

Sessions judge Nerale Veerabhadraiah Bhavani gave his ruling on Wednesday, holding the duo guilty of the crime. Although there were no eyewitnesses to the incident, the circumstantial evidence was found strong enough..

In the initial stages public prosecutor Pushparaj Adyantaya had argued for the state and in later stages Harishchandra Udyavar continued with the case.

The quantum of punishment is likely to be announced during the week.


  1. Child sacrifice and in this time and age? Very depressing, indeed to note that there are plenty of the ‘mindless masses’ who believe in such superstition!

  2. Sick mindset aggravated by religious superstition!! This is why ‘faith’ has no place in a rational society. It defies logic and reasoning. These sick individuals are, in a way, no different than those sacrifice innocent, unsuspecting animals for pleasing imaginary gods. Some illiterates on this forum will find this confusing. Well, don’t blame me – Blame your own ignorance!!

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