Despite Poll Defeat, B M Farooq to Work for Party

Despite Poll Defeat, B M Farooq to Work for Party

Bengaluru: It was his maiden shot at poll politics. The JD(S) party leaders did everything to ensure his victory. The independent legislators too had vouched for their support. But, sadly, he could not muster enough votes.


Speaking to mediapersons, B M Farooq, who lost the Rajya Sabha fight on Saturday, said that just because of his loss he would not stay away from the party. Instead, he would continue to be actively involved in the party affairs.

While thanking the party leaders for the opportunity he was given, he expressed sadness over the party members themselves having failed to vote for him. Because of the independents who had initially pledged their support but changed their minds at the last minutes he had to lose, he said.

He made it clear that he had not suddenly joined JD(S) and stood for election, but had links for quite some time. He pointed out that he hailed from a family with a political background. He said that electoral politics was a new subject for him, but he had learnt a lot from the Rajya Sabha poll.

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  1. Mr. B.M. Farooq,

    Is your interest in politics is because you want to serve people and country or to expand your business interests and increase your wealth? Are you not the one exposed in string operations by one or two television channels? Shame on you! You may fool gullible people, but for me you are not different from the stereotype neta. No way are you Mother Teresa or Dalai Lama.

  2. In other words, he and brother in a different party will continue to approach political parties for ‘help in business dealings’ as reminded by Siddaraamayya. See, it always helps to diversify your political portfolio – It’s good to have contacts with two political parties than just one!!!

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