Engrossed in Mobile Talk, Tellar Man Falls into River and Dies

Karkala: So much awareness is being created about the hazards of using cellphones while driving. Similarly, pedestrians too put their lives to risk by speaking on phones while walking on the roads and while crossing the roads, in particular.

Neglect of personal safety was yet again highlighted when a resident of Nanda Deepa of Martappa Shetty colony in Tellar near Karkala lost his life on Tuesday.

Naveen Pai (41) had arrived in Mundli to visit his relatives. He was engaged in a conversation on his mobile phone, while standing near a bridge.

While engrossed in the conversation, he happened to slip into the river and got severely injured.

He was first rushed to a hospital in Karkala and then to Manipal. But he is said to have succumbed to the injuries on the way.

A case has been registered in Ajekar police station.

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