Scare Spreads as Leopard Appears in Kuttarguttu near Thokkottu

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Mangaluru: A leopard showed up near the house of former MLA K Jayaram Shetty of Kuttarguttu near Thokkottu on Tuesday night.

Earlier on Thursday last week, the MLA’s son too had seen it but had not given any importance. But with its repeat appearance, the residents around are living in scare.

It is suspected to be the same animal which had been spotted while sitting on a tree near the beach in Uchila some time ago.


Ananda Belchada, a worker engaged in the rice field of Kuttarguttu too said that he had seen a leopard speeding from the hill towards the road behind the daivasthana nearby.

When he shared his experience with others, they too had their own stories. Those living around are under the impression that the big cat could be hiding behind the trees or any cavity in the hill.

The forest personnel have been informed. They are in the process of tracing and identifying the paw-marks. If confirmed, they say, they would place three cages for its capture at strategic points.

At the same time, some elders have felt that large wild cats resemble leopards. Rarely spotted wild animals are being mistaken for one another very often. Hence they feel that it could be a large wild cat.

Kabhi idhar, kabhi udhar!

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